We Apologise for the Delay

I’ve been fiddling about doing little bits of writing here and there – starting not finishing, finishing but neglecting, endlessly editing, you know the kind of thing – and it’s always been in the back of my mind that when this bit’s finished it will go on my blog. And I’ve been vaguely conscious of the fact that I haven’t actually got round to posting any of it for quite a while, and then that quite a while became a pretty long time, and kind of morphed into absolutely ages, and today I finally got round to looking back at my last blog post and found that it’s been over 3 years.

Three years. Wow. So, to anyone who was in any way following my writing, er, sorry, and I’m not dead.

So what have I been doing for the last 3 years? Nothing extreme, as it turns out, just the usual sort of grown up stuff – full-time job of course, buying the house, building a garden, avoiding housework, getting a dog (walking the dog, playing with the dog, cleaning up after the dog, and eventually writing about the dog). You know, just…. life.

So, I have got some fairly random bits of writing from the last year or so, and there are more that I’m working on, so there might be a whole bunch posted very close together, and then probably nothing for quite a while. Or maybe a pretty long time. Or – you get it.

And I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog page, because it turns out that now I’m medicated into stability I don’t have anything particularly bipolar to talk about, but I haven’t come up with a new name yet, and also I don’t know how to change it, or if I even can, so I’ll be working on that too.


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