Excuse Me While I Fiddle

Just a quick apology for anyone who’s actually trying to follow this blog – having set it up and copied the older posts into it, I’m having a few issues with the layout, so before I post anything new I’m going to be tweaking it a bit and probably changing the Theme. I chose that one because I liked the look and feel of it, but having read a lot of other people’s blogs yesterday, I feel mine needs a bit more functionality – I’d like the navigation links visible at the top, not hidden behind a menu button that no-one notices, and I’d also like a visible link to previous posts for anyone (like me) that prefers to be able to read in the right order. Those aren’t available in the Syntax Theme, so I’ll be having a play around and experimenting with others. Bear with me…

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Say What You Will... (it's not just about me, me, me)

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