A Note of Explanation, for new readers

All the previous posts were originally shared on a private group page on Facebook, last November, and were written primarily as a way for me to share all the information I had about my newly-diagnosed disorder with family and close friends.

Because it was so new to everyone, including me, there was a lot to describe, and once I’d done a lot of reading for myself, I found I had way more to say than I could fit into normal conversation, and it was getting increasingly hard to organise my own thoughts on it all, and work out what to share, and how. My natural instinct is to write things down, so that’s what I did. But not everyone likes reading huge amounts, and not everyone’s interested in all the scientific titbits or showy descriptiveness that I enjoy, so I was never sure how much of it was actually getting across.

And then more than one person said that I should start a web page to share all that information with other people who might be looking up bipolar disorder. I wasn’t sure myself whether anyone would actually want to read all my personal experiences, because, let’s face it, there’s a LOT of that stuff out there. I mean, there are endless blog pages, and forums where people share everything about the conditions that affect them, and I don’t often feel like I have the time or attention to spare to read all that stuff, so I don’t really see why anyone else would want to read mine.

But what I like doing is writing. And if I’m going to write pages and pages of all the stuff in my head, I might as well put it somewhere where people CAN read it, if they choose to. I’ve written more since the previous posts, and there’s still plenty I haven’t said yet too, but at least now I’ve got somewhere to put it.

Some of it is very personal, and I also mention family members from time to time, so that’s why I’ve intentionally kept my own name and precise location private – I don’t mind sharing, but I should protect them from being identified without their choosing.

So, it’s out there, and it’s free to read, but entirely up to you 🙂

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  1. Glad you have joined us in the blog world!


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